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Beech Mountain Lakes Association
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Beech Mountain Lakes Association

Beech Mountain Lakes began as a small resort community on the northern face of Green Mountain in Drums, Butler Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The Oley Creek flowed through the coal mines atop the mountain, through a wildlife-rich and heavily-timbered mountainside into the Nescopeck Creek. In the early 1970’s, some Pennsylvania entrepreneurs formulated a plan to construct a dam across one of the Oley Creek’s tributaries, one running down the slope of Green Mountain, and turn the natural basin found here into a 168-acre lake, initially called “The Lake of the Four Seasons”, which was planned to become the focal point of an all-seasons resort.

The Eastern Pennsylvania Marine Properties Company purchased approximately 2,000 acres surrounding the lake and planned to subdivide the land, selling the lots to prospective homebuilders. Before their dream could come to pass, they went bankrupt and NACO, a property-management firm, succeeded them in the development of the real estate.

NACO’s plans for the initial development of approximately 500 limited-access acres included not only sites for 1,150 single-family homes (Unit 1), but a time-share complex of 54 units (Quail Hollow Village), a ski slope (with tow rope), chalets adjacent to the slope, a 9-hole golf course, and campground – everything one would expect to find at a year-round, all-amenities resort. In 1987, NACO finalized their design and filed plot plans for the subdivision with Butler Township and adopted governing documents that followed the rules and regulations of the Uniform Planned Communities Act. The Covenants are part of these documents – By-Laws, Resolutions, and other policies, rules and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors over the years make up the remaining governing documents.

From 1987 to 1997, NACO managed the subdivision and engaged in an aggressive effort to sell lots for an individual’s investment or homebuilding plans. Special offerings were made to incentivize buyers, some of the promised amenities came to pass, and a sufficient number of properties were sold (90%) to require NACO to turn the governance of the development over to the residents (specifically to “owners of an interest” in the community). As to the amenities, the Sports Complex was completed, the ski slope was completed and later closed, the golf course begun and, being found to be not feasible, abandoned. The Turnover was accomplished in January 1997.

At the present time, Beech Mountain Lakes is administered by a Board of Directors made up of six (6) delegates – three from Unit 1 (BML) and three from Quail Hollow Village. The Unit 1 delegates are elected to two-year terms; the QHV delegates are selected by the QHV Association and serve at the pleasure of the Association.