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Beech Mountain Lakes Association
One Burke Drive, Drums PA 18222
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These Amendments modify the Covenants . The Covenants dictate the amendment process -- it's very difficult to change the rules! You'll note that the last Amendment is #12, adopted in 1998 at the time the "Declarant" (NACO, the last developer of BML) relinquished control of BML to the residents. Prior to the Turnover, the Declarant could amend the Covenants whenever they wanted to, and for whatever reason they wished. After the Turnover, a stipulated majority vote of the "owners of interest" is required. Since the Covenants only gave this ability to the Declarant for a 12-month period, you'll note that most of the Amendments simply extend the date of this privilege. As with the e-copy of the Covenants, these are intended for reference only -- see the Office copy for conflict resolution.


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