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Beech Mountain Lakes Association
One Burke Drive, Drums PA 18222
570-788-1010 Phone     570-788-5117 Fax


          Campground Information

  1. All Residents receive 1 Free Week at The Campground(1 site per night)The free week does not include water,electric or sewer.Residents may use their free week all at one time, or their free week can be seperated into two different occasions (maximum of 3 days each occasion)
  2. The Campground will be open from Memorial Day until October 1st weather permitting.
  3. Sites are available on a first come first serve basis and must be reserved through the Recreation Office(570-788-1199)
  4. You must register at The Recreation Office: All campers need a site pass and vehicle passes (2 vehicles max) Vehicle and site passes must be displayed.
  5. There are ten (10) sites available with water, sewer and electric. All other sites have water and electric cababilities.
  6. The Campground facilities (restrooms and showers)are in working order.
  7. Campground quiet time is between 11:00PM and 8:00AM.
  8. You must follow all BMLA Campground rules and regulations. Any person who violates the rules or destroys Campground facilities will be subject to fines and cancellation of camping privileges
  9. If there are any problems or questions, please contact The Recreation Department @(570)788-1199 or Security @(570)788-5071

Camp Fire Rules

  1. No bonfires
  2. You must have a fire pit with a screen in order to burn at the campground. Fire pits can be rented at the Recreation Office for a charge of $10 for the length of your stay.

  3. Never leave fire unattended.
  4. Always have a bucket of water near fire.
  5. Do not throw garbage in fire pits.
  6. Fire MUST be out by 11 PM.
  7. Make sure fire is COMPLETELY out before leaving.